10 super briljantnih načina organiziranja vaše kuhinje

Jeste li tražili načine organiziranja i uklanjanja vaše kuhinje?
U ovom postu podijelit ću s vama 10 DIY kuhinjskih organizacijskih ideja koje su jednostavno genije!

1-Use dividers to separate lids and containers in the kitchen drawer.
Use plastic dividers to organize lids and containers in your kitchen drawer. Neat!

Use dividers to separate lids and containers in the kitchen drawer

This handmade kitchen turntable is perfect organizing utensils or spices on the kitch

Use a kitchen turntable for utensils or spices on the kitchen counter top.

Save space and time by keeping your small kitchen items like sauce packets in sink caddies inside the pantry door or along the wall.

These DIY kitchen organization ideas are brilliant!

Use chalkboard labels on the lids of your mason jars for organizing and storing your kitchen spices.

Using a simple towel rack to store your pot and pan lids is a fantastic way to keep your kitchen more organized.

Metal baskets are very sturdy and reliable for your household items that you want to store underneath your kitchen sink.

Store plastic bags in colorful fabric holders.

Using a spice gripper to store spices is very creative and huge space saver!

Use an expandable sink shelf to help declutter your counters and have additional shelving for your dish detergent and other items.

The wall next to your kitchen’s entryway is perfect to store keys, dry erase boards and other utility items.


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